Our Brands

ROAR Cannabis

ROAR concentrates are among the finest quality, solvent-free, hydrocarbon extracted cannabis oils in existance. Produced at our state of the art facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, each batch contains a full array of terpenes and cannabinoids extracted from hand-selected ultra premium quality flower. All ROAR products are tested to ensure the highest standards of quality, purity, and consistency.

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LV Cannagars

LV Cannagars is dedicated to providing the best quality medicine, products, service, and experience to our customers. We are passionate about creating memories, enhancing the life of our customers, partners, employees, and giving back to the community where we operate.

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Kalvara is the first cannabis cocktail with Infusion Technology. It is born from a belief that enjoying the euphoric effects of cannabis could be easier, cleaner, and more consistent. Our aim was to create a smoke-free, no-guesswork alternative to other cannabis consumables. With our background in the beverage business, we developed an all-natural cannabis-infused drink that delivers a fast-acting and precise dose of THC every time.

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MEMA Infused

The creation of MEMA begins in Southwestern Morocco, where every batch of Argan oil is handcrafted and imported direct from a natural source. All products are based in this precious nutrient-rich carrier oil; traditionally used for skin, hair, and nail care. Mema is a cannabis infused topical line combining premium strains with legendary botanical ingredients that are highly effective and cultivated in Morocco. Combining two cultures and two different lands to create a new tradition of infused natural healing.

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