Our Story

Life’s a story. Let us become a part of yours! Whatever path your adventure takes, Effex is the brand you can trust to complement all aspects of your lifestyle. At Effex Supply Co. we provide our medical and recreational clients with the highest quality cannabis as well as the knowledge to make informed decisions about how best our products can enhance and align with your life.

With your lifestyle in mind, Effex Supply Co. continually pushes forward to explore the creation of revolutionary products backed by cutting edge production processes, the newest extraction techniques, and multiple delivery methods. We are at the forefront of breakthroughs which have given way to everything from isolating little-known THC molecules to developing cleaner forms of extraction.

At Effex Supply Co., we are strongly committed to leading the industry in supporting cannabis research, philanthropy and public understanding. Through ongoing education supporting our top-tier cultivation, production and distribution, we are removing the confusion surrounding modern cannabis products and consumption. We celebrate the active cannabis lifestyle and the health benefits that our products bring to the lives of our customers, whether they consume occasionally or daily, medicinally or recreationally.

Life is amazing. FEEL THE EFFEX™